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Our business

WORLD BRIDGE Co., Ltd exports reusable agricultural machinery and develops various business centered on environmental protection.

Our policy is “Enterprise that all does one’s best”. We keep on providing satisfactory service to all of our customers and companies. We challenge ourselves to answer social expectations with consideration of the future and improving the present.

Exporting business

WORLD BRIDGE Co., Ltd handles a wide range of used agricultural machinery (agricultural equipment, construction equipment, etc…), large machinery to compact one. Especially in the field of agricultural machinery, we are a direct partner with “Noukiguou”, the largest purchasing company of agricultural machinery in Japan, so we can provide used high-quality material.

[Main equipment] Tractors, Combines, Rice planters etc…

Our workflow to export is as follows.

  1. Step.01

    Arrival if goods.

    We have a route that we use when we purchase directly from “Noukiguou”.

  2. Step.02

    Check the condition. / Cleaning and maintenance.

    We take pictures and check the performance.

  3. Step.03

    Inquiries and order.

    Please contact us from our website.

  4. Step.04


    Select the machinery to purchase and negotiate the price and adjust the transaction terms.

  5. Step.05

    Close the deal. / Start procedures.

    We send you a Proforma invoice, so please make a down-payment as a starting fee. (Half of total amount.) After that, we start booking the ship and preparing the necessary customs documents.

  6. Step.06

    Ready to vanning.

    Disassemble and clean the machinery to load into the container.

  7. Step.07


    We load machineries carefully.

  8. Step.08


  9. Step.09

    Transfer balance payment. / Select the processing method. (Original B/L or Surrendered B/L)

    Transfer balance payment. / Select the processing method. (Original B/L or Surrendered B/L)

  10. Step.10

    Receive documents required for import and get your container at the port.