Q1: How does payment work?

A1: Payment by telegraphic transfer (T/T) or letter of credit (L/C) at sight is accepted.

Q2: How many units should be minimum order?

A2: Our minimum order should be as fully 20ft container cargo at least. The number of tractors that can be loaded depends on the model and horsepower of the machinery. 20ft container can be filled with about 5 to 7 units of tractors. And 40ft container can be filled with about 15 to 20 units with rotary tillers. At the time of shipment, tires and rotary of the tractor are disassembled, and wooden frame is placed inside the container to fix machineries firmly before shipping. Please contact us for details.

Q3: Can you keep machineries that I want to buy?

A3: Yes,we can keep machineries. Please contact us for details.

Q4: When loading machineries into a container, is it possible to load tires and rotary without disassembling them?

A4: It is possible. However, to load them without disassembling, it will take up a lot of space, so the number of units that can be loaded may decrease.

Q5: Is it possible to buy half each of machineries from the stock of the Kitakyushu yard and Shizuoka yard to complete one container?

A5: It is possible. However, since the port used by the Kitakyushu yard and the Shizuoka yard are different, you must gather machineries in either of one of our company’s yard. Therefore, the domestic land transportation fee will be charged separately. Please contact us for details.

Q6: Do you wash the machinery before shipping?

A6: Please be assured that we will carefully wash the machinery and check the condition of each unit before shipping.

Q7: Is it possible to buy more than one container at a time?

A7: It is possible. Please contact us for details.

Q8: Do I need a license to buy a container?

A8: An import license is required. If you do not have it, please check the details with the national agency.

Q9: Is it possible to buy only one unit?

A9: Unfortunately, we do not offer that kind of service.