GS400 (Combine) | | 010489



Model GS400
Serial Number 010489
Year unknown
Horsepower 40.4hp
Hours of Use 113h
WD -
PS -
Remarks -UFO: left, right, up and down ● Automatic lamp ● UFO automatic: parallel to the ground, OFF, fuselage horizontal ● Tilt angle adjustment ● Main gear: forward, reverse ● Auxiliary transmission: driving, standard, low speed ● Automatic cutting height: Automatic, OFF, OK lift Low 1 to 8 high ● Accelerator●Eco mode: on, off ●Reel: top, bottom ● Reaping up and down: descent, rise ● Auto lift ● Auto set ● Reaping clutch ● Threshing clutch ● Reaping auto clutch● Work light ● Ejection clutch: on, off ● Ejection conveyor automatic rotation: set, return ● Discharge conveyor rotation: up, down, left and right ● Clean shift: 5 stages ● Reaping: front, back, top, bottom of the reel ● Rotating mode switching: Wetland mode, standard mode ●Tang winch rotation adjustment: high, low
Control Number 21